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Throwing a Kick Butt Party at Pierpont Place

What do you do when it’s a week before spring officially starts, and the weather is 75, sunny, and for lack of a better word, GLORIOUS?? Well, if you’re with Premier Event Services you throw a kick butt party!! 

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Last week, Premier headed across the street to our lovely neighbors Neutron Interactive to celebrate the official remodel of their offices in the old Sweet Candy Company in Downtown Salt Lake. Decked out in hardwood floors, snack food stashes that would surely make me a heifer, and a slide to get from mezzanine to mezzanine, the “new” Neutron Interactive set up is impressive. With a few famous Premier touches, we simply added to the coolness of the building and the people already working there.

Employees, friends, family, and probably a few random people who wanted to see what was going on, poured into the party to dine on hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Demonstrating Premier’s Bar Service versatility, we had a fun and fruity Italian Soda Bar where guests could choose their own flavor and add a splash of cream. A local DJ was brought in to freestyle and spin as guests mingled, danced, and played on that previously mentioned slide.

As the night winded down, attendees snagged a goodie bag filled with taffy, cinnamon bears, and chocolate from the original occupiers of the building, Sweet Candy Company. 

We love working with other local companies in Salt Lake. If your company is interested in having Pierpont Place/Premier Event Services throw your event, please contact any one of our event planners. Cheers!

Janice @ (801) 598-4444
Danielle @ (801) 647-4060
Ashley @ (801) 792-2581



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