Naughty Girl Scout Martini and Gangnam Style (unfortunately)

We Are All A Little Irish

Hosted Salt Lake Chamber’s March Women Business Forum MixerSt. Patrick’s Day is an excellent excuse to celebrate being Irish(ish???). At Pierpont Place, we’re all a little Irish(ish) and certainly know how to party like an Irish lass! Pierpont Place hosted the Salt Lake Chamber’s March Women’s Business Forum Mixer, exemplifying our business savvy as a fully female owned and operated business. 

Female entrepreneurs within the community joined us to sip on our Naught Girl Scout Martinis, sample our delicious appetizers (dates stuffed with almonds and herb cheese, wrapped in bacon, and dipped in raspberry sauce), and network with other successful businesswomen. An Irish duo entertained guests on the cello and guitar, raffle prizes were won, and connections were made.

But don’t let this event allow you to think that we only host events for adults! It’s prom season and personally, I’m so excited!! While my proms (all four) were all about dressing up and the after party, Bingham High certainly had an event to remember, thanks to Premier Event Services.

We headed up to the University of Utah’s Olpin Union first thing in the morning and began putting together a dream prom, fully equipped with thousands of strung lights on the thirty foot ceilings and water features. With over 1,000 students attending, the massive dance floor comfortably accommodated all the “bumping and grinding” that those wild and crazy kids do these days. Why in my day (circa 2003-2007), we were required to stay a full arms distance away from the boys!

Pierpont Place and Premier are able to create the event of your dreams, but it all starts with a call from you! If you have an event coming up, you know who is going to make it spectacular; Pierpont Place & Premier Event Services!!

Cheers and Happy Spring!!



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