Kristina & Tony

Huge congratulations to the darling bride and handsome groom Kristina and Tony, who held their wedding reception at Pierpont Place last Saturday evening!

Our venue took on a beautiful spring look for the occasion, with pink, white, and silver-blue décor and a bevy of gorgeous spring flower arrangements. Of course, you can’t have a spring-themed wedding without the ultimate spring bloomer–peonies–which are currently out of season in the states, so we had them special ordered for our lovely bride all the way from Holland! (For anyone who ever doubted our dedication to fulfilling our brides’ every wish, let this show you that we mean what we say!)

Despite all of the work we put into the decorations for the reception, all eyes were undeniably on the beautiful bride, who made an enchanting entrance in a gorgeous wedding gown! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, don’t you think?

Guests were in very high spirits as they enjoyed a delectable dinner of salad with a raspberry walnut dressing, Boursin mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus with lavender, Florentine stuffed chicken with green onion sauce, and pork tenderloin with orange jalapeño sauce. Now that’s a meal that would keep everyone coming back for seconds!

Those who were able to save room for dessert enjoyed the beautiful three-tiered wedding cake and a batch of cupcakes that both matched the spring décor with white pearls and light pink flowers made of frosting. 

Premier Bar service featured a special (and downright delicious) “Cotton Candy Martini,” with a cranberry, pineapple and vodka concoction poured over sweet cotton candy. These amaaaazing martinis were garnished with edible dragonfly jewels, made by a friend of the bride! (Look closely at the photo below–can you see the tiny edible art on the edge of the glass? How cool!)

Family and friends enjoyed the food, the drinks, the music, and one another’s company as the ravishing bride and groom celebrated their marriage! A fabulous reception and party for a charming and lovable couple—what a perfect way to start a wonderful and happy life together! 

As always, dear readers, thanks for following the excitement of Pierpont Place! We hope you enjoy these tidbits and photos from some of our favorite events! Remember that you can find more photos, more information, and more updates from us on our Facebook page, Twitter, and our website!
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