Wrapping Up a Jolly July and Moving On To an Awesome August!!

Whew!! It’s been a couple of crazy weeks here at Pierpont Place! Now that we have a moment to breathe, we want to highlight just a few of the fun things that we’ve been keeping busy with!

There are few things worth waiting five decades for, but Annette’s SURPRISE 50th Birthday Party at Pierpont Place in mid-July just might have been one of them! The intimate party of 40-50 guests was planned in advance by Annette’s husband Bill (note to self: find a hubby one day who will throw me amazing surprise parties). The best part: it was a heavily guarded secret until the lucky lady arrived to find a splendid soirée with good music, great food, and wonderful company!
Décor for this baby boomer’s birthday bash was lively and colorful, including green and white paper lanterns and earthy flower arrangements, vibrant hanging decorations, comfy black lounges, and a perfect touch of the funky 80’s with a glittering disco ball!

As always, we enjoyed the scrumptious food and drinks…

…but the best part hands-down was the great company! It’s always wonderful to feel the love and friendship within such a close group of people!
We were so happy to be a party of the lovely Annette’s birthday!
Here’s to many, many more!!!

The next week, we were happy to host Century Link’s North Carolina Night! The global provider of high speed internet and telecommunications enjoyed the company of North Carolina politicians at Pierpont Place after the 39th Annual Meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council. The event was an intimate party with vivid yellow and blue decor to create a bright and cheery atmosphere perfect for networking and conversing. We loved shmoozing with the friendly folks from the East Coast, many of whom were in Utah for the first time! To give them a true “taste” of our beloved state, we served only LOCAL Utah drinks, including High West Whiskey, Five Wives Vodka, and Castle Creek Wine from Moab!
That ought to keep them coming back to the wonderful Salt Lake City, don’t you think? We sure hope so!

Now, those of you who also stay informed on our every movement through Facebook and Twitter (by the way, we LOVE those people) have already seen how excited we were about this highlight, but for the rest of you…

Pierpont Place was SO excited to welcome Dateline’s famous and award-winning correspondent Keith Morrison during the last couple days of July!! Dateline is notorious for its stories of investigative reporting, often focused on murders, mysteries, and justice. Morrison himself is practically legendary for his expertise in being the voice and the face of the mystery stories that Dateline is most known for. And no wonder…watch any of his Dateline mystery segments and see why–that ominous tone and expressive face gives us shivers!!
That’s why we were a little bit starstruck and totally thrilled when Dateline chose Pierpont Place to film a new segment on a local murder mystery. For now, our lips are sealed on the content of the big story, but we promise we’ll share it with all of you when it’s released! Until then, enjoy some of the pictures we snapped while they were in the venue!

And, of course, one photo of our lovely (and very excited) owner Janice Boes with the handsome Keith Morrison.

What a way to end a fabulous month! Now onto an amazing August…summer may be winding to an end for some of you, but you can be sure that Pierpont Place will keep it HOT through the rest of the year!

Check back soon for news and pictures of our fantastic weekend with the Outdoor Retailers Convention Summer 2012! While you’re waiting (on the edge of your seat, I know), make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

As always…
The one and only Pierpont Place!


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