SLC CVB ~ Member Connection Party

Another fun evening at Pierpont Place! Can’t always have the “ups” without the “downs” tho … a couple flower vases got sacrificed to the event gods. One of ours, one of Culinary Crafts’ – smashed right to the floor. Oh well. Nothing a broom and back-up vases couldn’t handle in a jiff!

The Sex on the Beach drink in the ice sculpture (yes, inside the ice and dispensed with a spiget!) was quite a treat… and fairly potent. Needless to say, that beverage had to be replenished by the bartender a few times.

Thanks so much to Rob for the lovely live jazz music, and thanks to all of our other sponsors for donating prizes, time, and effort. (Really, Marshall, don’t worry about the vase… 🙂 )

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