Upcoming Events

Join Eagle Environmental Inc at Pierpont Place this summer for our new Trifecta Summer Concert Series!

These unique and socially-distanced events will be supporting local musicians, local small businesses, and local charities, while giving you an opportunity to safely enjoy a night out on the town!

Reserve your “exclusive and all-inclusive” lounge for groups of 4-10 people to eat, drink, and dance to a live concert by a local band. Each lounge is safely distanced from other lounge groups, so that we can all be separate… while celebrating together!

Scroll down to see our upcoming shows and for more information!

These intimate events have strictly limited and separated seating. Each private VIP lounge is limited to a specific group size (listed on next page). Lounge sizes vary from 4-10 people. Lounges are each safely distanced from other groups and from the band, and include comfortable lounge seating for your group.

Every VIP Lounge Package includes:

  • 2 Top-Shelf Drinks per person*
  • Personal Cocktail Waitress (so you don’t need to leave your lounge except for the restroom)
  • An antipasto/crudité platter*
  • Hand Sanitizer

*Additional drinks and snacks can be pre-ordered when ordering tickets and will also be available for sale from your cocktail server.

Click here to view all upcoming events in our Trifecta Summer Concert Series!