When descriptors fall short…

Last Saturday, Pierpont Place hosted yet another wedding that absolutely took my breath away. Not one, two, or three themes lent their creative flair to the ultimate decor of this event, but multiple decades (a mix of the 20s and 30s, as beautifully articulated by Heidi), multiple nations (European chic, American modern, and Dubai-like golden shine), and multiple astounding creative minds.

This photo captures only a tiny bit of the stunning glitz, glamour, elegance, and amazing “va va voom” of the entire place, but it’s one of my favorite. Featuring one of the 20s style gilded chandeliers, perfectly lighting the gorgeous hanging swag, artfully integrated with the subtle peacock feather coloring and shimmering jewel touches….it takes my breath away.

Some of the following photos are of the perfectly coordinated aisle, the detailed seats for the guests, and the stunning table set-ups. I can honestly say I’m not raining this praise upon myself, the staff at Pierpont Place put together this marriage of colors, designs, accents, and finishing touches. And the beautiful bride contributed hugely – bringing in gilded angelic chaises, an arrangement of those amazing chandeliers – where somehow the subtle differences in colors, arrangements, and metallic hues pulled together an even more magical formation of glamour – and her own request for some natural, woody branches and additions to the usual floral centerpieces.

Can you see the collaboration?

The empty aisle shows the altar where Denise and Neil professed their love, with a touching ceremony complete with contributions from friends and family…the golden swag above the aisle lead gently across the room, tying the different colors together, and you can see how perfectly the pussywillow branches fit on either side of the altar.

In these photos you can see the array of colors and textures used to dress up the cabaret tables for the reception. The combination of the blue brocade and the shimmery gold and silver table linens created the vintage look of what I imagine to be 15th and 16th century French luxury, complete with glass accents to reveal the real beauty of each finishing touch.

And as for the cake?! Incredible! The layers were made to look like the fabric of Denise’s gorgeous gown. The brooches were absolutely glittering, and created such a fantastically gentle look, as if the cake really were made of silk.
…and I must say…it tasted just as good as it looked!

I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, how magical wedding at Pierpont Place are. The Brides and Grooms are always gracious, helpful, happy, thankful, creative visionaries who are great to work with – and the best part about it? The entire event is filled with love.
We love Love. Especially when we get to see it right in front of us.

Denise and Neil, we wish you two the happiness of 10 lives together, the love of a thousand hearts, and all the luck in the world.
We are so happy you chose to celebrate your magical day with us.

Thank you to all our fabulous readers – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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