The weekend of the 19th-21st of March was really a roller-coaster of styles, motivations, guests, and time frames, but the one thing they all had in common? Pierpont Place and Premier Event Services blew them all out of the water!!

Friday, March 19th

On Friday night, Jade and Cody has an incredibly sweet family and friend-filled wedding. Their decor was through and through classy – complete with beautiful silver plated dishes serving tasty after-dinner mints, and a wonderfully cute touch of adding packs of playing cards on all the tables for the families to play with. What a fun way to keep things light and really encourage everyone to both celebrate and play together!

Their delicate and classy touches included glass figurines and personal touch embellished tags for Jade and Cody’s friends and guests to write notes on…a nice bit of memorabilia for the beautiful bride and her handsome groom to have to remember this wonderful night!
We loved Jade and Cody’s families and their willingness to jump right into the fray and have a great time – kicking off their shoes and dancing alongside with everyone! We love you Jade and Cody, and we’re so happy to have been a part of your special day!

Saturday, March 20th

On Saturday night, Pierpont Place and our industrious staff really made history. With hours of manpower, coordination, heavy lifting, and delicate twining, we created a forest out of our gorgeous venue!

West High’s Junior Class Officers have already proven themselves to be community pillars in the making. As true visionaries, they reached out of the box and selected a theme that would not challenge the creative minds of their students, but also (and much harder to do…) challenge the minds of Pierpont Place’s experienced event coordinators. Their theme of “Where the Wild Things Are” was contemporary, fun, and absolutely new to the Junior Prom scene!
These officers were willing to take on this task that would not only take many hours of work to accomplish, but an unsurpassed amount of fund-raising as well! Traditionally, West High has had a frugal budget and modest expectations for design for their dances (we know, one of our staff members used to attend those dances!), but this year’s Junior Class decided to take their leadership to a whole new level. Pierpont Place worked hand in hand with the students and (the wonderfully supportive and…) very involved parents to bring this concept to fruition. The reality of “Where the Wild Things Are” was truly impressive. Pierpont Place brought in a truck-full of real live (and dead) branches with the help of a healthy and diverse donation from Patty Carpenter. We lit the trees we created with colored up-lights and decorated the tables with creative and stunning but understated centerpieces that absolutely tied the look together.

The students even had the foresight to spring for a fun ice sculpture with electric punch served out of the two sides, and they knew they couldn’t go wrong with the famous Prom DJ Kurt Harris.

Pierpont Place and West High proved to be fabulous partners in this coordination effort, and together, we blew the expectations out of the water!

Sunday, March 21st

On Sunday, we finally saw the actualization of a wedding we’ve been waiting for for months! Rachel and Blake are a beautiful couple who have been on our minds for the better part of the last year – creating a new precedent for the beauty we create at Pierpont Place!

Rachel had a real vision for the wedding she was looking to have – as a veteran of the event industry (Blake, too!) herself, she has a great vision for the way things will look together. She chose a stunning medley of bright spring-time colors: pinks, yellows, greens, taupes, and golds…and the combination worked out better than we ever expected!

Her eclectic taste also included a wonderful mix of flowers – ranuncula, roses, tulips, and more. And our florist created the most amazing bouquet for her special day!

We created very soft and welcoming lighting with uplights behind long drapes of sheer white cloth to change the entire atmosphere of Pierpont Place, and it was the perfect atmosphere for dancing!Cosmopolitan Catering served a delicious assortment of bites to satiate the rambunctious guests – and they had a wonderful time.

Thank you Rachel and Blake for spending your special day with us! We had an incredible time!!

And thank you all for reading about our busy weekend!! We’ll hope to see you soon!

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