Spinning Our Wheels

With the feeling of summer just starting to come our way we launched our busiest season with a big bang,  the 4th Annual Bike Prom!  With over 1,000 in attendance, we saw all kinds of prom garb ranging from Tooth Fairy dresses, to vests and hipster shorts.  Our design team was able to have some fun of our own, reshaping and repurposing bicycle parts for hours leading up to the event.  We used old wheels, tubes, and tires to create an atmosphere our guests would not forget.
 Four bars, two DJs, food inside and food truck outside, fun lounge vignettes, and a fun traditional prom photo station where Photo Collective Studios captured some great moments.  This was the fourth year in a row we have been asked to partner the event for the Bike Collective.  Each year we work even harder to put on the best event yet and assist to raise $10-20,000.  We can’t wait until next year to see what ideas we will come up with next.

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