Is It Valentine’s Day Already?

I suppose we should be used to grocery and convenience stores stocking Holiday candy and goods early, shouldn’t we? By October 24th they assume we have all necessary Halloween supplies and switch themes (overnight, I feel!) to Thanksgiving before we’ve even thought of ditching the candy for the turkey and pumpkin pie!

And yet, while I whine about this preemptive action, in event planning we’re always taking as much time as we can get to prep for the big day. That’s why today I want to show you some fun ideas that have been named as the “trends of 2010.” I’ve been looking around to see what’s been predicted for events and weddings in 2010. I’m seeing a lot of color and extreme new ideas, and I can’t wait!

*Economies of scale: While some people are saying that we’re likely to see downsized events and parties because of the continued stress on the economy, I tend to disagree! This past year, our team at Pierpont has had to work hard to create great events on lower budgets than usual. And we have succeeded extraordinarily! Lower budgets don’t mean you have to have a smaller or less amazing event, they just mean you’ll need to be more creative with your resources! Thank goodness Pierpont Place has experience building our space up with minimal resources! Using natural resources and existing decor we built our stunning winter installment:

It provided a wonderfully natural and tuscan look, and worked fantastically with every event we had this winter! Using natural resources is an efficient and green way to decorate!

Another idea to save money is to use lighting to your advantage. At Pierpont Place we have gorgeous colored spotlights that can really add some pizazz to your decor!

Both of these examples show the depth the colored light can add to a scene. The options are endless!

PerfectWeddingGuide.com shows us some gorgeous ides for use of feathers with weddings this season. This can spill over to other events too, feathers could be an amazing addition to a theme for a dance, birthday party, or girls’ night out!

While these are some extraordinary personal accents using feathers by Jade Rose Designs.

Something that we’ve always loved to play with is the use of bright but mismatched colors. InStyle Weddings shows some great use of different colors to create stunning table settings.

InStyle Weddings also suggests spending your creative points at your wedding on decorating the aisle, really drawing the eye and making a performance of your walk.

The spectacular bride and groom we had at Pierpont Place on New Year’s Eve thought of this too, and really made the aisle into a floating walkway with large candles and white feathers.

One last note before I go: two hot hot HOT colors for 2010 are turquoise and violet. Turquoise is seen as a bright and optimistic color, easy to play with and play on for decorations, flowers, etc. Violet is a regal and strong color, beautifully elegant and the different shades of purple that team with violet create a really stunning color palette. From DistrictWeddings.com and one of my favorite wedding planners from Fete Perfection and her blog Wacky Wedding Planner

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Till next time!

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