Christmas in July for the Christmas Box House kids

We had so much fun with the Christmas Box House kids who came over for a day of games, art, magic, and sweet treats!
Big thanks to those who donated money, time, and products!

* Deseret First Credit Union

* DPR Communications
* Subway (5300 S. State store)
* Magic Mike
* Chief, the Utah Blaze mascot

* Rainbow the Clown and Chef
* Daniel Ramjou
e’ , local artist
* Mowie Wowie

Through all of our fantastic donations, we were able to buy the all the kids new shoes and a new outfit, plus give them a day of fun at Pierpont Place. There was amazing magic from Mike Hamilton with Chief, an intriguing art project from Dan Ramjoue’, face painting from Rainbow, balloon hats from Chef, exciting games from the local Relief Society, yummy frozen fruit drinks from Mowie Wowie, sandwiches from Subway! I think we succeeded in giving these kids a great time!

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