Staying Fabulous at any age!

We’re excited to announce our next GNO Event! Although this time, it’s not exactly a Girls’ Night Out event…it’s more like EVERYBODY’S NIGHT OUT!
That’s right, we’re inviting women, men, (not children…), dancers, singers, etc! That includes You…

Last November the GNO event was a great time, and we’re expecting an even bigger turnout this time!

Combining with PYTI Party’s group of executive women in SLC (and beyond) and broadening our invitation pool to all our Facebook Fans, Twitter fans, and YOU – it’s going to be huge!

Make sure to check it out on our Facebook page and RSVP to the event!!

I hope if any of you out there have questions that you won’t hesitate to email! Alissa@pierpontplace.com – I’d be happy to respond as soon as I can and keep you in the loop!
Thanks again for reading!

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