The SLC Junior League is definitely playing in the Majors!

Last Saturday was a chocolate frenzy! The Junior League of Salt Lake City brought their admirable classy style to Salt Lake’s Premier Event Venue for their Annual Black and White Ball! On this night, they debuted their new three year collaborative community project to benefit the Salt Lake CAP Head Start Program. Such an important initiative deserved a big party! And the Junior League and Pierpont Place did not disappoint!

Nearly 200 people came to socialize, celebrate, and of course, to make the most of this opportunity to dress to the nines!
Guests were serenaded by the Joshua Payne Orchestra playing cool jazz with a Saturday night twist. We had a great variety of songs, including some from Radiohead, Oasis, and even M.I.A. Hearing the Joshua Payne renditions of these popular songs was really fun, and definitely got people moving!
Fabulous Dolcetti Gelato was served in Dolcetti’s trademark serving cups – solving the age-old issue of trying to decide whether to finish your ice cream serving and stuff yourself…or give up the deliciousness! Dolcetti, we thank you for helping our taste buds and our tummies…Guests were also provided with an incredible array of chocolate delights by Simply Sweets, Amano Chocolates, Grand America, and more! But it didn’t stop there, the Premier staffed bar even whipped up a chocolattini with cherry to complement the offerings!

At events of this caliber, the fun never ends! There was a silent and live auction to give guests a chance to win incredible prizes including get-aways, gift baskets, and more amazing gifts!

Needless to say, the Junior League of Salt Lake was all set to create the hype for their new collaborative project benefiting Salt Lake CAP Head Start, and Pierpont Place and Premier Event Services is glad to have been a part of it!

Coming up this weekend, we have Jade’s wedding, West High’s Junior Prom, and Rachel’s wedding. All in a ROW! I can’t wait to show you pictures and tell you about our hair-raising, nail-biting, sleep-depriving, sugar-fueled, mad-laugh filled weekend! Or at least that’s what I’m hoping it will be…. 🙂
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