Serving Those Who Serve

Serving Those Who Serve


Did you know that supporting our local nonprofit organizations is part of our business model? Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a party for Graduation Alliance, formerly known as No Drop Outs. Graduation Alliance (@gradalliance) helps to give students the flexibility and support they need to graduate — and helping end the dropout epidemic. Using research-based strategies, Graduation Alliance has reached hard-to-find students across the United States and provided them with the flexibility and support they need to reach their graduation goals.

At Pierpont, we wanted to customize our space to provide a rustic and fun atmosphere for the group of inspiring individuals, and the result was exactly as imagined. With holly-trimmed tables, inside-lanterns, and pops of color, Pierpont was truly transformed into an environment worthy of showing thanks to the group of generous individuals doing amazing things for our youth!

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