Ringing in the Holidays with Diamond Wireless


Tis the season when companies like to thank their employees for a year of excellent work and dedication.  When the co-worker in the cubicle next to yours, straps on those four-inch heels and cocktail dress, looking like she came out of a holiday calendar.  When inhibitions are lowered by the presence of spiced eggnog, allowing that guy who sits in the corner of the room to suddenly jump on a table and “Gangnam Style.”  It’s the corporate holiday party, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.
Earlier this week, Pierpont Place hosted quite the holiday party for Utah’s very own, Diamond Wireless.  Las Vegas (or Wendevor on a really good day) themed, we turned our venue into the floor of a casino with craps, blackjack, roulette tables galore!  Since gambling for money is illegal in Utah (I’m still bitter about not being able to win the PowerBall), Diamond Wireless offered great prizes to the top winners throughout the company.  Despite there not being any actual money on the line, the room was still filled with disappointment teeth clenching and celebratory high-fiving.
Keeping it casual, Main Event Catering whipped up some tasty mini pizzas to accompany hundreds of festive cupcakes.  Up to company party standards, the drinks were flowing with a fully stocked bar including three Utah draft beers, wine, and a plentiful assortment of liquor.  
Guests rolled the dice, spun the wheel, and went home at the end of the night with a bit more dignity intact than on their last drive back from Vegas.  It was a fun night for the employees of Diamond Wireless and the staff here at Pierpont Place. 


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