Highland High School Twenty-Year Reunion

Congratulations to the Highland High School Class of 1992! 

Pierpont Place was proud to host the 20 year class reunion for this wonderful group of alumni, including our very own colleague Trisha Anderson, a proud graduate of the Class of ’92, who helped to plan and execute the event!

FORGET the stereotypical high school reunion held in an old gymnasium with dim lighting, deflated balloons, bowls of sickly sweet fruit punch, and groups of awkward and uncomfortable classmates…you all know that at Pierpont Place, we simply wouldn’t stand for such a thing!

Instead, the Class of ’92 was treated to a full-scale Pierpont Place welcome with a full cash bar, scrumptious snacks (skewers with watermelon, feta cheese, and tomatoes, caprese kabobs, sliced prime rib with chives and horseradish sauce on crostinis, and a plate of delicious cheeses and meats) and lively and spirited black, white and yellow décor to celebrate Highland’s school colors!

Alumni wandered freely around the venue, eating, drinking, finding old friends and chatting about professions, families, and what’s changed in the twenty years since high school! Friends recognized each other in the large yearbook photos hanging around the venue and laughed at themselves in the video of the 1991-92 school year playing at the front of the room.

The program put on by the alumni committee included a warm welcome to all who came, a recap of local and world events that have taken place since their graduation in 1992, and a sincere and sweet remembrance of those classmates that had already passed away. This was followed by a raffle with prizes donated by members of the class of ’92, where each prize had to do with the professions, hobbies, or connections of one of the alumni–Such a great idea! Giveaways included books authored by classmates, photographs and paintings made by the artists in the group, teeth cleanings and whitening kits offered by alumni-turned-dentists, U of U memorabilia, and (my favorite) a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” from a law enforcement official, “to be used only if you find yourself in a West Valley City Jail”—priceless!!!

The party went on for hours, as old classmates reconnected over drinks and 80’s dance music, and two well-remembered class clowns reenacted the famous botched lipsync of Milli Vanilli.

All in all, a very enjoyable event, and one to make us all stop dreading our own high school reunions! Thanks Highland High Class of ’92 for choosing Pierpont Place, and congratulations on your 20 Year Reunion! Wow!


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