High Performing Computers + Premier Event Services = Salt Lake City for a Good Time

 What an absolutely crazy month of November we had here at Pierpont Place and Premier Event Services!  With over half a dozen events in one of the weeks alone, the staff was chugging countless mugs of coffee and operating with high efficiency to make each and every event one to remember.
Speaking of high efficiency, the SC12 Conference was in town a few weeks ago for the 24th annual International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis.  With thousands of world-renowned speakers, researchers, and company exhibitors from nearly every country on Earth, Downtown Salt Lake City became quite the tech-savvy place. 
But don’t let the suits toting laptops around the city fool you.  These men and women definitely knew how to let loose and have a good time.  Intelligent cloud management and Provo-based company, Adaptive Computing, asked us at Premier to give their hardworking employees a well deserved opportunity to let their hair down and take their ties off for a night.  Hosted at Salt Lake’s beautiful Clark Planetarium, Premier created a one-of-a-kind company party for nearly 1,000 attendees with complimentary beer and wine service until eleven and an endless spread of delicious food all night. 
With the party spread over three floors, the live band echoed throughout the building and kept the guests dancing and frequenting the Provo Girl Pilsner on tap.  With a wide array of employees originating from the University of Bucharest to student interns from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, this was truly a diverse event with the international theme of having a good time.  We at Premier Event Services had an excellent time hosting Adaptive Computing’s event and look forward to working with our Utah neighbors again soon.

Lana Linhart
Marketing Coordinator
Pierpont Place & Premier Event Services


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