A Weekend to Remember!

This weekend at Pierpont Place was the perfect combination of goofy and fabulous fun with Pierpont Place’s Champagne Toast to 2010 on Friday night, and the beautiful wedding of the new Mr. and Mrs. Merlen on Saturday evening. Needless to say, our staff was working hard!

Friday evening was an absolute hoot with FunnyFace Photobooth (don’t worry, we have pictures), much needed relaxation with our amazing professional masseuses providing free massages, delicious food from The Olive Bistro, champagne cocktails, and legally high-providing O2 oxygen bar. A long list of amazing things to do at Pierpont Place’s Champagne Toast to 2010! We had over a hundred people show up, and they danced, ate, talked, laughed, and all together had a great time! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME!!
We have many people to thank for this unbelievably fun evening. Hosted by Pierpont Place, the event was co-hosted by GNO: Girls’ Night Out and PYTI Party. Both of these groups are headed by strong, intelligent and successful women: Diana Young and Celeste Gleave respectively. We thank these ladies, and all of their friends, colleagues and constituents for being such strong advocates of creating fun and exciting events to get together for!

Cathy Arndt, Diana Young, Laura Reiser, Celeste Gleave

We also thank Hassan Salami, owner of The Olive Bistro for providing the delicious handmade paninis, broad selection of meditteranean cheeses, perfectly ripened fruit, and scrumptious desserts!

Thanks is due also to FunnyFace Photobooth for providing the means for us all to be falling over laughing after posing in the photobooth with his creative props.

We thank O2 Oxygen Bar for providing the great array of flavored oxygen
for everyone to try.

Thank you to DJ Troy Kearley for spinning the right dance tunes to get everyone on the floor!

Thank you also to our talented and generous massage therapists: Michele Bennet, Ramon, and Maleta Lavery – all of whom are available through their respective workplaces. If you’d email addresses or contact information for them, please email alissa@pierpontplace.com with your request!

We had amazing swag donations as well for our raffle, and we owe big THANK YOUs to everyone who donated items! The winners were thrilled with their loot! Like Cristin here, look at that gorgeous smile!

We also thank the wonderful staff of Premier Event Services for providing such fabulous bar service and making sure that everyone had enough champagne to go around!

And for letting us all drink out of the gorgeous ice sculpture doubling as a drink luge!!

Now for the pictures, even better than telling the stories. I know I saw at least two conga lines, plenty of people piling out of the photobooth much like a clown-car (can 12 people really fit in a booth about 4 ft x 6 ft?), and dance moves that you wouldn’t believe!!

If you didn’t make it to this event, you really missed out, but you can always check out the rest of the photos at McBride-Kramer’s Facebook fan page to see the stories I couldn’t tell….

Saturday evening was a beautiful time, as always, we love hosting weddings at Pierpont Place – and the new Mr. and Mrs. Merlen created a magical evening full of love and well-wishes from all their guests! We’re so happy you decided to celebrate with us – and we can’t wait to see you again!

Thank you again to everyone who came to Pierpont Place’s Champagne Toast to 2010, and to everyone who attended Mr. and Mrs. Merlen’s wedding.
We love seeing you all!
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions!

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