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Outdoor Retailers Summer 2012…Come back, Come BACK!

AND NOW…The post you’ve all been waiting for… Let’s talk Outdoor Retailers Summer 2012!!! As you all know, we here at Pierpont Place L-O-V-E the Outdoor Retailers convention that comes to our fine state twice a year in winter and summer! We’re not the only ones who love the big OR Show–Salt Lake City thrives […]

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Silverline Security Gets A Tasty Treat, and the UWABC!

Pierpont Place was lucky enough to host a prestigious and friendly local company for their company luncheon on Saturday, March 27th. The luncheon was a great success for the whole group. Astounding and fresh food from the pioneer Sushi Surfer himself, chef Jonas Otsuji.And I’ll tell you right now, the Sushi Surfer’s array of sushi […]

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