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Asked & Answered

Choosing An Event Planner You’ve got a big event coming up……corporate party, wedding, fundraiser, holiday party, etc. Your customers, friends, and/or family will be in attendance so it has to be PERFECT! But where to start?! Start by looking for an event planner that can guide you through the process and make the planning more […]

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Celebrate Good Times

Award Winning   What do you do when you want to celebrate a life event, throw a kick butt corporate party, or host a networking event to beat all others?  You call an award winning facility that can help make that happen as well as make the planning fun! We don’t meant to toot our […]

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Dec 3 – KRCL 30th Anniversary Party!

Whew! Can you believe it’s already December!? The Holiday season is upon us and I, for one, couldn’t be more thrilled!Pierpont Place is still busy while the winter coming straight for us! Last Thursday night, December 3, we braved the cold to go to KRCL’s 30th Anniversary Party! KRCL is one of Salt Lake City’s […]

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